Grasping at the Infinite

Hello, it’s been a while. It’s interesting how quickly time flashes by in the individual instances of our lives. While one moment seems to drag on, collectively they slip away. Days mold into weeks and into months.

However, what I find to be more interesting are the ideas of what mold us into a population–a collective being of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. When history is made, people come alive in such varied ways. Love and hate clash into what appears to be a battle between good and evil. And reason seems to get lost somewhere in the middle. We become so attached to our emotions and to what is ingrained in us that, when it becomes fueled by the massive power of a group, it turns into a powerful mass that we flood into the world, unaware of the consequences of our actions and words. I believe it was Freud who theorized that when people enter into a group, the individuals within lose their ability to use reason and logic, so perhaps there is nothing we can do about it.

People talk a lot about change. What needs to change and who needs to change it. The past week has given way to a lot of hate, and one monumental good that will undoubtedly be loved and contested, as is the way of the world. We’ve created change, both good and bad, and deal with the consequences as such. We have surprisingly little control over the everyday of our lives. Big changes affect us in miniscule ways, but we treasure the everyday. And sometimes when something seems to threaten that, we do and say what we can to hold onto what we know and what’s familiar. We’re beings of habit resistant to change who don’t want to lose control because that control is what gives us a sense of purpose. It makes us feel like we have a reason for being here amidst the massive scope of how far life stretches, beyond what’s contained in our atmosphere. Life is a wide expanse of unmanageable calamity disguised as small events, which will eventually lead to a collective end.

But, until then, we’ll do what we can to maintain control. Whether it’s by love or hate, remember that we’re all finite in an infinite expanse, and while it may seem like what we do doesn’t matter on a large scale, the recent decision shows we have limitless power.


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