GUEST POST: Michael Hallisey: Writing is an Act of Intimacy Between the Author and the Reader

Writing is an act of intimacy between the author and the reader. A disingenuous word stands out and credibility is lost. Too many people aspire to write for the wrong reasons. Often times a person wishes to write as a means of sharing a different passion entirely; being a love for music, the need to share one’s own story, or to satisfy the wish for fame and fortune. The love to write should satisfy the need to tell a story, regardless of the subject; and, to do so in the cadence of a dance where the words supply the music.

Writers are at their best when they are at their most vulnerable. When they allow themselves to be honest, and strip themselves naked, welcoming others to judge. Perhaps those who aspire to write are begging for acceptance, and fail to see the dangers to such exposure. While those who do write, are able to peer back into the reader and see the truth that lies within.

Nearly twenty years ago, I traded in my journalism career for one in the corporate world, because it provided a stable lifestyle to support a family. Just a few short years ago, I obsessed over the stories of others who overcame obstacles in pursuit of their passion, and I picked my pen back up. Today, I’m out of the corporate world. I’ve followed my passion and I surround myself with people who do the same. I write their stories so that others can be inspired as I have become. When you follow your passion, opportunities present themselves. You just have to be patient enough to look, strong enough to work towards, and to be brave enough to go after them.

M_HalliseyMichael Hallisey
Managing Editor
Spotlight Newspapers

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