It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen, when shops all over the United States are offering up their goods at discounted prices, and there will be no exception here.

Three books. Each just $0.99 all weekend.

the_rotten_apple_cover.jpgThe Rotten Apple

“The action is quick and full of weight; you truly understand the gravity of the situation and that Naomi’s whole world is on the line. The bad guys are smart and terrifying, the romance is organic and realistic, and there are plenty of twists to keep you enthralled.”

custom-book-cover-chris-stocking-ebook2.jpgBlack Powder Brigade

“Black Powder Brigade is an exciting mix between the historical and the fantastical. Bizarre and full of action, this was my first step into Flintlock Fantasy, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!”

His_Only_Star_CoverHis Only Star

“Breathtaking, brutal and beautifully real, Stocking’s story is stunning. He unflinchingly explores the intricate, difficult choices a runaway teen must face. This is not the first book to tackle this tough topic, but there is something about this story that will keep you hooked. My only wish was that poor Oli would have gotten what he wanted in the end. A tragedy, that will keep you wanting for more long after it’s over”


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