Disagreement Does Not Equal Stupidity


It seems as if every internet “discussion” is more like a fist fight.

Advancing technology has revolutionized the ways people communicate Specifically, social media. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter make connecting with people all over the world easy. It’s also an excellent place in which debates can occur. Whether it’s government discussion, books, news, or anything else, the internet has made it easy to express your opinions.

However, the internet also has another facet that seems to have made itself evident over the past few years: Internet anonymity.

Never having to have a face-to-face discussion with someone means you can essentially say whatever you want with no consequences. No one is going to throw a punch or attack you any other way than verbally, and people certainly no that. Especially since the emergence of the famed internet trolls, roving the web, spreading hateful messages. Authors may be aware of Goodreads and Amazon reviews, leaving offensive and sometimes violent book reviews. And yet most people recognize an internet troll when they see one, and they usually respond with equal hatred or by openly identifying them as a troll and ignoring them.

But, trolls aside, I’ve noticed a common trend among social media users in that, when expressing an opinion, they are often greeted with hateful remarks by the opposing viewpoint, which is then responded to with a troll-like vehemence and vulgar argumentation rather than rational debate supported by legitimate facts. Actions such as these could potentially perpetuate a culture based on further negativity and argument rather than having a debate based in fact. It’s absolutely important to, when responding to an opposing viewpoint, remember that just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean they’re stupid. This isn’t something that I was told as a child, and all-too-often we hear kids playing together saying “that’s stupid,” when they don’t agree with something someone else said. In a world where we are constantly growing apart as social media seemingly brings us together, it’s important to remember that people have varying opinions, and just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean anything other than they have a different set of beliefs, just as you do.

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