Maglomediac – My New Column about Media

As some of you may know, I write for a pop-culture, op-ed magazine called Maglomaniac. Some of you may also remember that I used to have a column called Mr. Write in which I talked about general writing stuff, the writing process, and things of that nature. Well, during my last semester of college I took on a huge course load, which meant I really didn’t have a lot of time for anything else. I had a lot of really large papers, one of which was especially large, so by the time I got done working on all of that I had little energy for writing of any other kind. My column fell to the way side as I focused the bulk of my energy on schoolwork.

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After several papers, tests, and tons of readings, I finally finished my last semester of my undergraduate degree! As long as I receive a passing grade on all my classes from last semester I’ll have my bachelor’s degree, which is exciting and a little scary, I suppose, now that I really need to find full-time work, or start selling more books (hint, hint!)

However, I’m at another sort of transition in my life. My degree is in journalism with a minor in English, and I used to be all about working for a newspaper (until this author thing starts paying off a little more). But, now, after doing a little freelance work and checking out a few other options, I find that I’m getting more into marketing and studying media and communications. I don’t want to work at a newspaper, partly because they’re dying, and pretty much all of the guest speakers who came to talk to my classes over the past three years told us how little money there is in journalism and how hard the work is. I don’t want that anymore. I’m not afraid to admit that I want to do more lucrative work. I want to have a comfortable lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to work hard. As many of you know, writing in and of itself is extremely hard work, paired with the struggles of everyday life.

After a fair amount of contemplation, and after writing my longest paper on the effects of advertising on American culture during the Cold War, I decided I want to get my master’s degree at some point, but not for a few years. Right now I need to focus on establishing a decent income. I still have a long time to get my master’s, and I’d like to do something else besides be a student right now.

However, I find I still have a large interest in media despite being out of school. So, that puts me at the point of this post: I’ve started a new column at Maglomaniac entitled Maglomediac in which I analyze and discuss various aspects of the media from news, to television, to books. It’s something I’d like to focus my master’s degree around if possible, so I figured why not start now? I have access to databases to find academic articles, and I made friends with some professors with whom I plan to keep in touch who can help me as well. This should be a really exciting new venture, and I’m looking forward to writing up a new post each month. Because media is so huge and is constantly changing, there will certainly be something new to write about all the time.

In fact, my first column went live today! You can check it out here. Give it a read, and I’d love some feedback!


One thought on “Maglomediac – My New Column about Media

  1. Sounds like you’re on the right track, Chris! Enjoy some time off from school. You definitely need a breather after undergrad. My breather turned into me never returning to school even though I had planned on a Master’s. : )

    If you get enjoyment out of the marketing world, which I do as well, it will only help your writing career. And, journalism is unfortunately a sinking ship in today’s world, which is why I thought I was going to go that route and didn’t. Marketing will always be needed, so it’s a solid place to work.

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