DEADGOD and Writing on the Topic of Religion

Religion is a heated topic that is discussed and killed over every day. It’s something that seems to be gaining media attention every day, at least here in the states, what with discussion about religion in schools and places of business, and debates about whether separation of church and state is actually being followed.

That being said, my current WIP, DEADGOD, has a fairly heavy religious theme in that there is only one remaining man left on the planet who still believes in God, and he is not well liked. He is looked down upon in what remains of society in this post-apocalyptic world, and, even though he is not the main character of the novel, he does play a pretty large role.

This troubles me to a certain degree mainly because a lot of my personal feelings about religion and society are coming out in this novel, but they are also, in most cases, substantially exaggerated. I also know a lot of people who are religious, and some of the resulting artwork from this book is coming out in a way that may seem troubling to them or other religious individuals. Part of my reason for writing this is to encourage people to remember that while I put a certain amount of myself in everything I write, that this is a work of fiction. I am an extremely tolerant individual, and the last thing I want is to offend anyone. The point of this novel isn’t about bashing those who are or aren’t religious. This novel is about acceptance and finding ways to cope with disaster. It’s about coming together, and it may take a truly serious, humanity-crippling event for people to realize that. That is the point of DEADGOD, and I really hope that when it’s finished, you pick up a copy and give it a chance, because I believe it will really be something worth reading.


2 thoughts on “DEADGOD and Writing on the Topic of Religion

  1. You know, I’ve always had a suspicion that you were a pretty diverse guy. I love the way you attack different genres without hesitation. Do not be overly concerned with expressing your views (or even the exaggerated version) because regardless of how you come down on any side of that particular line, there will always be someone shouting negatives at you. The best you can do is write your story, put it out in the world and remember why you wrote it. BTW, I hope your semester finished on a good note. This was your last one right? If so, Congratulations!

    • You’re absolutely right, Steven. There will always be those who don’t approve, but I’m certain that when this book is complete it will really be something worth reading that I think people will really enjoy.

      And yes, I just turned in my last paper today! I graduate Saturday! Thank you!

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