It’s here! It’s here! The prequel to The Rotten Apple (out March 22) is now available for the Kindle!

Get a little pre-Rotten-Apple action before the release The Crimson Apple Coverhere!

Why should you? Well, maybe I can entice you with a little description.

The city is seething with scumbags and slime balls. Darkness is not only a characteristic of night, but something the druggies and prostitutes and gangsters embody as they scour the city, selling drugs and sex and guns, keeping The Big Apple’s police force awake and churning at all hours. The filth of the city linger in dark alleys and hide in the shadows, lurking and plotting and scheming, trying to make their way in the dark city the best way they know how.

Naomi Blake, police officer for the NYPD, patrols the city with her partner, Rex, searching for the scum lingering in the shadows. Doing their duty to keep their city safe.

But, when a gruesome murder in a movie theater occurs, the city gets even darker. The Big Apple turns crimson.

Officer Blake must bring an end to the monster terrorizing the city, leaving only blood, pain, and death in his wake.

But at what cost?

I know, I know, exciting, right? Pick up a copy for just $0.99 and let me know what you think!



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