GUEST POST: Britt Skrabanek – Life Enthusiasm and Writing…Heck, Yes!

It was pretty funny when Chris and I were first talking about me coming over to write a guest blog, because we were trying to pinpoint a topic together.

I didn’t have anything to pitch and he was open to anything. It’s not that we’re the wishy-washy types, we’re just excited to write about so many things.

The world is a vast playground and choosing something inspiring can be difficult for people like us who are easily romanced by our surroundings.

I started this monthly series last November called “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles” where incredible humans from all corners of the globe talk about what makes them feel alive.

I’m excited to have Chris as my guest in March, because his spirit and energy exude Life Enthusiast.

Luckily, he reeled my crazy enthusiastic self in when he said: “Maybe you can discuss how being a life enthusiast has influenced your writing.”

And, I said: “Heck, yes!”

Phew! So, here we go.

A lot of my time is spent in awe of the world we live in. So much that it can be overwhelming at times and I have to calm down to avoid exploding with emotion.

Everywhere I look, I see a story.

One day I was walking through downtown on my usual commute to work. The chaotic morning — the cars and the buses, the honking and the shouting — all seemed to be in slow motion as a blind man with a cane approached me.

Though the holidays were a ways off, he was whistling one of the most beautifully haunting renditions of “Silent Night” I’ve ever heard. As he passed me, I was privileged to feel his wonderful energy that he carried with him down the street.

And, it changed me for the better somehow.

I know I’ll never forget him, this stranger that couldn’t physically see but saw something the rest of us didn’t.

We live in a busy world, where everything moves rapidly and half the time we’re just trying our best to keep up. But when we pause to breathe it all in, we finally see the magnificence we often forget to look for.

When I write, I take everything I’ve seen, heard, and felt and try to create a symphony of life.

 There is laughter Laughter

 There is music Music

 There is movement Movement

 There is humor Humor

 There is art Art

 There is nature Nature

 There is love Love

  How can we not be enthusiastic about all of that? My only hope as a writer is to capture as much of this exquisiteness as I can…and share it.

Thanks so much, Britt! I’m glad to have had you here, and I hope you all enjoyed her post!

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17 thoughts on “GUEST POST: Britt Skrabanek – Life Enthusiasm and Writing…Heck, Yes!

  1. Reblogged this on a physical perspective and commented:
    Hey, sweet friends! Check out my guest piece over at Chris Stocking’s place, covering how being a life enthusiast has influenced my writing. Chris will be my March Life Enthusiast guy, so stay tuned next week to hear what makes him stoked about life. Hope you’re all having a gorgeous week!

    • Oh, Carrie. Believe me, I’m always in my own little world, too. The nice thing about walking to work is I can be more immersed in my surroundings, so it gives me a chance to notice more.

  2. I love that you see stories in the world around you, Britt; that’s a great way to view the world. I love the story of the blind man – and that it has stayed with you.

  3. Britt, you know I love your life enthusiast chronicles and it was great to read about your perspective on how being a life enthusiast changed you. I’m already haunted (in a good way) by your story of the blind man and this post gave me a great sense of positivity. Thanks also to Chris for prompting this great post.

    • You described the story perfectly as haunting in a good way, because it really is. I walk different routes to work to keep things interesting, but every time I pass that place on the sidewalk where I had this experience, I think of him and smile like crazy.

  4. I try to tap into my surroundings as much as possible, because I agree, there is always a story somewhere. I really like that you were positively impacted by the blind man — too often I think someone like this is overlooked, underappreciated. Love you!

  5. It’s funny how alike we are – we even have the same sock art! I’m always trying to breathe it all in too. Sometimes it can be hard to capture it all but at least we’ll have fun trying!

    • Sock art…yay! I love crazy socks. Think I need to fetch some new ones for the new life. It’s pretty impossible to do life justice, but it is absolutely a ball giving it a whirl through writing.

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