Brigantine Press – Publishing the Finest Written Art

Brigantine Logo_Crop03I have taken on a new and exciting endeavor, which has given me another title to add to my constantly growing resume. A couple months ago I accepted the position of director of web development and marketing at Brigantine Press. The press is still new and we’re still developing everything and gathering content, but things are looking great. We’re working toward publishing our flagship publication, Steam Patriots, which I encourage all of you to check out. It promises to be amazing.

Brigantine Press is currently accepting submissions as well. We’re looking for anything and everything adventure, especially in the steampunk and fantasy genres. However, we’re open to just about any genre as long as it takes the reader on an amazing journey.

I’m greatly looking forward to working with Brigantine Press, and I hope to continue to increase my set of skills and develop them the best I can. I encourage everyone to check out Brigantine Press, as I know great things are going to come of it. We’re working with an exceptional artist who is coming up with some fantastic sketches for Steam Patriots that will really make the book truly amazing.

Climb aboard, friends. Adventure awaits.

Brigantine Press
Steam Patriots

Brigantine Press
Steam Patriots

Brigantine Press
Steam Patriots


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