Assassin’s Creed IV – I Can Stop Whenever I Want

Ima via

No, I really can’t.

I barely was able to pull myself away to write this post, because apparently it’s Tuesday.

Two out of four of my classes were cancelled yesterday, which means I went to none. It’s Assassin’s Creed’s fault.

This game is good. Really, really good. Every time you finish something, there’s something new to do right away. The sea combat is exceptional, the ships, the cannons, boarding enemy ships, saving sailors stuck at sea, all of it.

I haven’t written a word since I got the game on Valentine’s Day (a present from my lovely wife). And I’m wondering if I’ll go through semi-withdrawal when I’m at class tomorrow. I don’t think it’ll get to be that extreme, but it’s safe to say the game will be lingering in the back of my mind for most of the day.

However, now that I have pulled myself away and tapped out a few words on this here blog post, I imagine I should be able to get some fiction on the page, seeing as how I’m releasing a short story in a couple of weeks–Something you all should be looking forward to, because I’m really looking forward to you reading it–It’s going to be great.

In other news, I finished edits on The Rotten Apple. All that’s left is to format it, order the proof copy, and give it another read through.

Yes. Be excited. I sure am.


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