His_Only_Star_CoverCheck this out guys and girls, my book, His Only Star, is free for the Kindle all day! Get your copy, read it, and be your usual awesome self and leave a review on Amazon/Goodreads!

Free not convincing enough? Check out some of these reviews!

“Breathtaking, brutal and beautifully real, Stocking’s story is stunning. He unflinchingly explores the intricate, difficult choices a runaway teen must face. This is not the first book to tackle this tough topic, but there is something about this story that will keep you hooked. My only wish was that poor Oli would have gotten what he wanted in the end. A tragedy, that will keep you wanting for more long after it’s over.”

I could not put this book down and was so emotional throughout the whole story. Stocking gives you a reason to care about these characters. Worth a read, support this young author!”

And, of course, my favorite:

“This is the single greatest book ever written. I was so enthralled i did many happy dances whilst reading. Yay!”

Get your copy here!

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