New Home. New Inspirations.


The wife and I enjoying our new place. That bookshelf has since been replaced with a TV stand, and the shelf has been filled with books.

Yesterday’s post, as you can tell, didn’t happen. My wife and I moved into a new apartment Saturday, so we’ve been busy unpacking, she’s been busy working, and I’ve been busy dealing with school.

That being said, we love our new apartment. It’s bigger. It has hardwood floors, and all of our old stuff seems so tiny in here. We have tons of places for our books (In fact, we noticed that this place didn’t really start to feel like home until we unpacked our books.) We also have a space for a legitimate work area. A desk and everything. That means no more writing at the kitchen table. No more trying to get comfortable on the couch with television distractions. It means just me and my writing. Well, and the internet, of course, but that’s always a challenge no matter where I write. But I think it’s going to be excellent to have an actual work space at which I can focus and really immerse myself in my work, be it fiction or education.


I know you have thoughts, and I want to hear them...

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