The Mental Sweatshop 2.0


I’d like to welcome you to the new Mental Sweatshop. Sort of a new beginning, but more like an update of the old version. Newer, faster, sharper.

Why, you ask? Because it’s time I started treating this writing thing more seriously. Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve been serious about it the whole time. It’s always been more than a hobby for me, but now I need to step it up.


How am I going to do that? Exactly like this:

  • Set up a blogging schedule: You’ll be seeing posts from the Mental Sweatshop every Tuesday and Thursday. Said posts will range from various topics, including but not limited to: writing, books, sales, publishing news, guest posts, interviews, general updates, and things of that nature. Nothing different from what I normally post, just more consistent.
  • Step up my marketing game: Ever since I started as a public relations intern, I’ve noticed a growing interest in public relations and marketing. Mainly because such things can help me out as a writer. Knowing how to mingle with the public and learning the tips and tricks of marketing and public relations are one of the keys to being a successful writer. That and writing great books, of course. Now, how am I going to go about marketing?
    • By asking for more help from you, the reader. I’m going to be asking you to help me share posts and updates. I’m going to be making calls for guest posts, interviews swaps, and I’ll be giving out review copies of my books. I don’t want to blame this on introversion, but, as an introvert, it’s difficult for me to reach out to other people–one of the negative aspects of introversion–and I’m going to work toward combating that. I’m an indie writer, and I can’t do this alone. Besides, this writing thing is much more fun when you have people with whom you can share it!
  • Get more organized: I have to-doist, an organization website/program, which has been really helpful in setting some goals and all of that cool stuff. It’s been great for reminding me to do stuff, and those little numbers always stare at me from the top right corner of my browser whenever I’m surfing the internet instead of writing taking an extended writing break to collect my thoughts and recharge. However, I don’t think that’s enough. So, I’m going to try listing. I’ve heard excellent things about making lists, and I think it’s going to help a lot. Having everything I need to get done right in front of me, constantly reminding me, staring me in the face, telling me that if I want to do this full time someday then I’d better quit reading the negative comments on CNN’s Facebook posts and get some words on the damn page.


And there you have it. The Mental Sweatshop 2.0. Fully installed. Fully operational. Ready to go. Ready to impress.

Now, to break in this new version of my blog, I’d like to share The Rotten Apple‘s very first Goodreads review (from a beta reader).

The_Rotten_Apple_Cover“The Rotten Apple is a great noir novel that follows Naomi, a truly strong and badass female detective. Stocking immediately does a great job of putting you in the shoes of the main character, with constant subtle reminders that she’s a New York City cop in the 1950s. He also shows us a female character that’s tough but also has a past that makes her vulnerable. Very few supposed “strong” female characters are quite as well written as Stocking’s MC.

The action is quick and full of weight; you truly understand the gravity of the situation and that Naomi’s whole world is on the line. The bad guys are smart and terrifying, the romance is organic and realistic, and there are plenty of twists to keep you enthralled.”

I know, right? I’m excited too.

Make sure you add The Rotten Apple as “to read” on Goodreads, and get ready to pick up your very own copy March 22nd!


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