Why I Won’t Be Setting Any New Year Resolutions

This is a stranger sitting on a couch with a cat writing something. Let’s pretend she’s writing a list of resolutions. (Image credit L E Carmichael via WANACommons)

Every year we make jokes about how we make resolutions based on our past year only to have them flicker out by January seventh.  I’ve done it, you’ve done it, it’s been done. In fact, I honestly can’t remember one resolution I set last year. I think I blogged about it, actually. Something about publishing certain novels and novellas throughout the year, which I didn’t do. I mean, I published three books last year, two of which were ones I planned on publishing. Things changed, projects faded, and ideas were had that changed me as a writer. I certainly can’t be held responsible for outside forces that alter my trajectory as a writer. I don’t believe in fate or anything like that, but I do believe that people change throughout the course of year, so much in fact that they won’t have the same short-term goals and ambitions that last one year’s duration.

Sure, we may set somewhat vague goals such as “I’m going to read more next year,” or “I’m going to be a better person.” However, situations may arise throughout those following 365 days that don’t allow you to read more, but are still positive. Maybe you land a super-sweet job, but it may require you to work 80 hours a week. You physically may have little to no time to read unless you deprive yourself of sleep, something we’re all familiar with, I’m sure. And, when it comes to being a better person, well, you shouldn’t need to decide to be a better person. Just get out there and stop being an ass hat. Not that any of you are, of course. But we’ve all had our moments of ass hattery.

In closing, I won’t be setting any resolutions for the 2014 year because I have no idea how my circumstances are going to change, or how they will alter me. Goals I deem important today may seem petty three months from now. Sure, I mean, I’ll still have my goals to become a better writer and to work toward living off my writing, but those are life goals, not resolutions. Those are things I actively work to achieve every day of every year, not something I jot down on a list next to chisel the mountain of dust off my running shoes and organize my fridge. They’re goals that will stick with me as I change throughout the year. They’re things that are most important to me that would probably make me less of a person if I stopped doing them (Cue sappy violin and little boy walking into the distance).

Oh, right, as I said, in closing:

I won’t be setting resolutions.

Do things that matter to you. Things that will stick with you.

Get them done. I mean actually finish them. 100% completion. All the way.

Don’t be an ass hat.


2 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Setting Any New Year Resolutions

  1. You had me at “ass hat”. I look back at 2013 and see similar things, goals discarded or traded in for something else. Some moderate growth as a person and as a writer, yet a lot of other items were cast aside. Goals were missed and I feel fortunate that I was not under any kind if deadline. With a lot of work dropped on the floor I think I will set one goal, pick a project and finish it, pick another and repeat. At my own pace. You know the one, the one that. Makes the most sense given the current situation. Work steady, be peaceful. Happy New Year everyone.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this. Each year I’ll make various grand declarations of what I want to achieve and never succeed in any of them. This year I’m just going to work hard and try to keep working hard.

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