Free Homes In Detroit For Writers

Are you a writer? Do you want to live in Detroit? Well, this is pretty cool and may be for you.

I came upon this article on the Huffington Post, and because of there recent content, I haven’t been considering them a valid news source, but this seems pretty legitimate.

Write A House, whose status as a 501(c) nonprofit is still pending, are planning to fix up the vacant homes in Detroit and lease them out to “low-income” writers. All they have to do is submit a writing sample to the judges, and if they’re selected they’ll be able to lease the house for two years, and if they stay for all 24 months they’ll  be awarded the deed.

That’s pretty cool. Getting to stay in a renovated house where you can just focus on your writing. The article doesn’t go into too much detail about paying for heat and electric and what not, but I imagine that if someone were to save right, or to make just enough off their writing, it would be quite doable and could help a writer become more successful.

Check out the Write A House fundraiser on IndieGogo!

What do you think? Does this seem like a good idea?


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