Unvieling The Mental Sweatshop!

When I first decided to start blogging about writing, I had no idea what to call it. Being a person who has to sometimes spend up to an hour on a name generator to find a suitable name for a character, coming up with an name for a writing blog was a pretty legitimate challenge. So, after some deliberation (I believe I was in my news writing class, messing around on my phone instead of paying attention) I came up with Write To Perfect. It was one of the many names I tried that wasn’t taken, and it seemed to make sense. Keep writing and eventually you’ll get it perfect. Or, pretty close, anyway. And my blog was born.

However, many of the names I tried to get involved breaking a mental sweat, or getting a good mental workout, as writing does require a large amount of brain use. Plus, I’d always heard jokes about reading and writing being a good way to exercise your mind, and, when I think about exercise, I think about sweat. Well, partly, anyway. But, seeing as how the names I tried were already in use, Write To Perfect seemed to fit.

Jump ahead about three years. My wife and I were returning home Wednesday, and I was telling her how it would be cool if I could’ve named my blog something involving breaking a mental sweat, but they were all taken. But then, as a beam of sunlight burned through the roof of the car and shined upon her glorious head (not burning her, of course), my wife said something along the lines of, “You could call it the Mental Sweatshop!”

I almost crashed the car. “That’s awesome!” I replied! (Or something like that). “Brilliant, even!”

Alas, the Mental Sweatshop was born! However, I’ve had to change the link on various social media, and I do need to get new business cards. But, the former link of writetoperfect.wordpress.com will redirect here for the next year. WordPress, thinking of everything, offers this feature for something like $13. Not too shabby.

Anyway, that’s the story of the conception and birth of the Mental Sweatshop. Tell your friends, tell your neighbor, tell your pet. Anyone who will listen, really.


One thought on “Unvieling The Mental Sweatshop!

  1. I tried telling Big Kitty and Little Kitty but they were more interested in stealing each other’s wet food to care. Sorry about that. Congrats on the new name, \^_^/

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