Help Me Choose The Title Of My Noir Novel

The time has come for me to ask for your assistance. I am terrible at coming up with names for… well… most things, including books. So, I’m here to ask for your help in choosing, or at least help me get some ideas flowing. I’ve got a couple of titles in mind after asking around a bit, and I’d love for your input. If you don’t see any you particularly like and would like to suggest something, please feel free.

But first, a little description:

New York City, 1950 — Detective Naomi Blake sits in her office, craving a cigarette. Her phone rings. Entrepreneur Mark Falco is in interrogation room one. Falco Corp. trucks have been spotted making late-night deliveries to an out-of-business warehouse, and the NYPD wants answers. Mark lawyers his way out. As always.

A woman comes in to the station. Says her husband is missing, possibly kidnapped. Before she can say by whom, a mysterious man bursts through the doors and sinks three slugs into her head, then mysteriously vanishes. Even picks up the shell casings. The work of a professional.

Suspicious activity by Falco Corp., a missing husband, and a murdered woman. Three separate events? Or a concoction so vile it could mean the end of peace and justice in New York City?



8 thoughts on “Help Me Choose The Title Of My Noir Novel

  1. I’d go with City Under Siege. It flows better to me. Ultimately though, you should pick the one that sits best with YOU, being the author and all. Good luck! The description sounds promising. 🙂

    • That is good, but a tad lengthy, especially when considering the cover image. I want something with bold lettering, and if I use that many words–especially long ones like “coincidence,” it may take up a large portion of the cover. Thanks for the suggestion, though! 🙂

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