Free Books? How Can You Say No?

The time has come–well, it’s been here for a while, I suppose–for me to attempt to get some more buzz going about Black Powder Brigade. Honestly, I’ll be glad when release day comes so I can try to get back to my normal life and stop feeling like I’m spamming everyone. So, here’s what’s up:

I’m giving away five Kindle ARCS of Black Powder Brigade in exchange for an honest review. Pretty simple, no? If you’re interested, comment here or shoot me an email at The first five people will receive a copy.

Also! Starting Monday the 23rd I will be holding a raffle up until the 27th (the day before BPB is released!) Prizes will include either A) A free 25 page edit from Karen Rought,

or B) 14 free ebooks from various authors, including a Kindle copy of Black Powder Brigade! So be on the lookout for that!


2 thoughts on “Free Books? How Can You Say No?

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