Oh, Goodreads, How You Frustrate Me

It seems like every day I grow more frustrated with Goodreads. Goodreads is an excellent concept. I’ve discovered a lot of new books that I either really liked, or that I’m sure I will like. It’s an amazing platform for book discussion and all things books. However, it seems as if authors on Goodreads are the website’s main downfall.

#1: SO MANY EVENTS — I get multiple invitations every day for free book events and author interview events and book launch events and events for other events eventing events events EVENTS. It’s frustrating.

#2: Oh, you’re an author, yet you’ve read 0 books and gave all your own books five stars? — I don’t automatically accept any friend request on Goodreads I get. I always view their profile to see what I’m in for. If you’re a Goodreads author and your profile picture is your book and you have 0 read books and 2 to-read books and 4 read books and 4,593,340 friends, I’m not going to accept your friend request. It’s clear to me that you’re only on Goodreads to market your book to me.

#3 Wow, there are two of you? Goodreads did well in that they don’t allow authors to recommend their own book to people. That makes sense. However, authors, being the creative beings that we are, have decided to make two Goodreads profiles. Ha! You clever, clever individual. So now they CAN recommend their own books to the world. Oh, yay!

I’m on Goodreads to discover new books, and, yes, I am a Goodreads author. But, Goodreads ought to be a place for book discussion, reviews, and discovery, not a place to spam as many people as you can with your events and books.

-End rant-


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