Haters Gonna Hate

Here’s a little back story: Over a year ago when I wrote for Upstate Metal (a magazine I no longer write for and haven’t for several months), I wrote a bad review of a certain band. I didn’t like the music, so I wrote an honest review. That is what people expect, is it not?

Well, apparently yesterday the drummer found said review and did what appeared to be a fair amount of research on me. He commented on said review about how I have “dismally-bullshit book covers” on my “so called self-published ‘books’,” how I’m a “26-year-old looking phraternity[sic] boy” with bad tattoos, and that he hopes I get a divorce. Along with a bunch of other personal attacks, he then said he is going to write a song about me, and then he declared me his enemy.

Um… wow.

Okay, firstly, sure, the review was a bit scathing. But that was the tone of the magazine at the time, and I wrote what I felt. Perhaps I should have toned it down, and for that I apologize.

But I will not apologize for having an opinion and expressing it. I did my job. Said band requested a review and that’s what they got. But, really? You got one bad review and you hope I get a divorce? I understand he was likely trying to get back at me, but people who enter the entertainment/arts business should expect to get bad reviews. It’s all part of being in that business. Personally attacking the reviewer is not a professional way to react.

Now, after such an immense reaction from this individual, I’m constantly on the prowl for excessively hateful reviews of my books on Amazon. Should you spot any, please do report it. I work too hard to have my work damaged over one bad review.



4 thoughts on “Haters Gonna Hate

  1. Well this explains a lot – if he thinks your covers are crap, clearly he has no artistic leanings at all. Without an artisit soul how can he produce music?

  2. Wow. Talk about going off the deep end. Your title is true, the haters will hate no matter what you do. The shame of it is now you have an extra worry, for your online reputation because of this individual. When did we as a collective lose our ability to handle matters in an appropriate fashion? (Gah, now I sound like I’m 70 or something.) Seriously though, if you do not like the review you received, wouldn’t it make more sense to write to the magazine and either point out the ‘faulty’ information and supply a counter argument? Now it seems that character assassination is the preferred route since social media has made that choice so much easier. People think that self-publishing is the easy way, but this sort of incident proves that everything that you put time and effort into building can be torn down in an instant. Keep strong, and never second guess when you write the truth.

  3. Hello! Trailed you from Twitter.

    Interesting. I guess one can only try salvaging the pieces now. The fellow might let go after a while though.
    Wish he’d take a look at your perspective too. You have admitted to possibly being a notch too harsh.

  4. Wow. I mean, the good thing is that you can’t possibly believe anything that is coming out of his mouth, considering you know he was just trying to hit you where it hurts. But, man. Low blow. Sorry you had to endure that. Keep pressing on. I’ll keep an eye out.

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