No Longer a Pantser, now I’m a Patster. Er, Plotser?

As you know from my post about Todoist, I’m working toward becoming more organized and working more efficiently, at least when it comes to school and writing, which should impact the organization and efficiency of my entire life. Well, hopefully, anyway.

So, with the combination of Todoist and advice from Mr. Chuck Wendig, I no longer consider myself a pantser (Pantser: One who “writes by the seat of his or her pants.”) I now consider myself both a plotter and a pantser. No longer will I simply write away until I’m done, and then come back the next day, think about where the hell to go next, and then write until I’m done. Now, when I finish writing for the day, I’m going to write down the next few plot points. Nothing too extensive. Just a few bullet points as to what the general direction of the next scene(s) will be–fulfilling the plotter side of writing. That way, when I come back to my WIP the next day I will be able to start right off. Then when I reach the end of my bullet points, I will resume as a pantser, and write until I’m done–fulfilling the panster side of writing. Then, I will plot out the next scene(s), and so on and so forth. I think this will prove to be a much more efficient way of writing, and I’m certain I will get a lot more done.

And, to encourage this, I have added a sub-task to my “Write at least 500 words” task on my Todoist to-do list. (Seriously, I really recommend Todoist. It’s really handy.)


(Click to view larger)

 I’m looking forward to this new change in my writing routine, and I do believe it will prove to be beneficial to my productivity.

(Oh, and you may also notice that I’ve set a release date for “Black Powder Brigade” for September 28th. Mark your calendars!)


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