Hey, Day Job, GO AWAY!

Sometimes I wish I worked in a cubical. (Image credit: Patti O’Shea via WANACommons)

It’s safe to say that I really can’t stand my day job. I dread going into work, and I can’t wait to punch out. The work itself really isn’t that bad. I get a lot of time to myself to think, and–even though I’m not supposed to–I am able to sneak off somewhere and get some reading done. One the weekends I can actually sort of lock myself away and get a large chunk of writing done. Usually at least 1,000+ words before noon.

What I can’t stand about this job is the people I work with. I work a bottom-of-the-barrel, no-degree-or-work-experience-required kind of job. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of job, but it’s not for me. I’m not slaving away to earn my college degree to make almost $9.00 an hour. I don’t work all day (on what days I do actually work. The downfall of a per diem job. When business is slow, my hours are low,) just to come home and work on becoming a full-time writer to spend my day dealing with the drama at work. Dealing with lazy people complaining how no one bothers to help them, or making up lies and nit picking to get whatever they want, and then not getting fired for when they screw up immensely. Like, things they really should be fired for and have been doing for years.

Yeah, I’m a housekeeper at a hospital. Really, it’s not that bad! I even get to push around a little yellow and blue cart. Not as glamorous as signing books for a living, though. (Image credit: Lynn Kelley Author via WANACommons)

Which brings me to my next point. I’d much rather work during the day and get it over with. It really affects my writing. For example, today I have to work at 1:00, and I’d like to get some writing done. However, the fact that I have to work in a few hours is looming over me, and it’s dragging a pretty serious creative buzz kill along with it. Granted, the shift I have to work today only takes about five hours, leaving me with three extra alone in the basement where I can pretty much do what I want. Namely, lock myself in a conference room and get some writing done. But that doesn’t help me during the day, when sometimes I really feel inspired to write. Now, I do my best to write even when I’m not inspired, (such is a life of a serious writer), but this creative block caused by work is no good.

It’s days like today that really make me want to work especially hard toward becoming a full-time writer. And it’s awful jobs like these that make me want to push myself to be successful so I can come back in ten years and see all the same people who are still stuck in that awful place and maybe do a little bragging. Especially to my one co-worker who always tells me “When you become a famous author don’t forget about me!” who will then proceed to complain to my boss about how I don’t do any of my work, and how I’m so terrible at everything. Oh, don’t worry, I won’t forget about you, faceless hospital employee. Because it’s people like you who ensure I will never end up like you.

*end rant*


7 thoughts on “Hey, Day Job, GO AWAY!

  1. I feel you with the 1pm shift start time. When I lived briefly in South Korea, my English teacher gig went from 2:30-10:00. I started off waking up around 10ish, but I could never seem to get anything done in the morning, despite the fact that there were 4 full hours until my job started. Then I realized that, just like you, I don’t think well when work is looming … so I started getting up at noon and going to bed at 4am. I’m not saying do something that dramatic, but … well, it was definitely a fun way to live for a few months 🙂

  2. I feel your pain. I was in a hirrible job for a long time (also in a hospital, actually). It was a day job so I had a routine and weekends to myself but all I wanted to do at the end of each day was crash and burn and cry into my pillow. At the weekend I went out to gigs and parties to try and squeeze in as much life as I could when I wasn’t at work.

    So I moved. I was lucky. I now have a much, much nicer job, still in admin in healthcare but a nicer organisation and nicer team. I work hard during the day, I don’t mind working hard to earn my rent money, but I can switch off at five and I get home spritely and in good spirits and normally get to sit down and write for four or five hours before turning to the rest of the just 🙂 I’m VERY lucky having the best of both worlds. I also finished my degrees some years ago so now all my time outside of work is my own. With a degree you’re never finished, there’s always something more that you could be doing.

    All I would say is, don’t worry, it gets better. It takes time, but determined people like you and me make our own chances and we carve our own paths. I believe you will make a living writing one day. And soon. You are closer than I am. For me, all I wanted was an easy but satisfying day job and time to live my own life outside it, including writing. I didn’t settle until I had it and now I have, though it took time, determination and the willingness to take risks.

    You will get there. You will look back. And you will grin.

  3. We all start somewhere. Unfortunately it generally is not at the top. Yeah the initial day jobs suck, and try to suck the life from you. Don’t let it! You have too much potential, keeping hammering out stories and writing articles. I have come to realize/notice that the happiest peoe are the ones doing what they really love and have a passion for. Following that as your measure of success I look for you to have an outstanding career built on hard work and quality writing.

  4. I too feel your pain, although I enjoy my day job I find it incredibly frustrating when I’m hit by an idea and I’m unable to duck into a corner to scribble it down.

  5. Well now, everybody is experiencing something similar.
    I also had to shift my sleeping time; and this was kindda wonderful because I could enjoy peaks of creativity in the dead of the night before a sweet long sleep.
    It also helps to just do a total attitude-shift, and not dwelling on the negative aspects of the job. Or at least focus on the negative well enough to learn to make the most of it. You can’t exactly just throw your hands up and call it quits!

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