5 Reasons you should Buy His Only Star

Here are five reasons I believe you, the reader, should buy my YA novella, HIS ONLY STAR:

Reason #1: Because, as an introvert, sometimes I die a little inside asking people to buy something of mine. I’m sure you have better things to do, or other things you could be reading. But, hey, what can it hurt to ask? Would you please purchase my book?

Reason #2: HIS ONLY STAR has received reviews such as:

“I could not put this book down and was so emotional throughout the whole story. Stocking gives you a reason to care about these characters. Worth a read, support this young author!”


“His Only Star is an excellent read. Stocking’s writing is clean and understated, yet powerful. He keeps his readers intensely absorbed in the world of his characters by making them utterly relatable but undeniably unique. This is a beautifully crafted coming-of-age story for the modern world.”

Reason #3: Someone also said: “This is the single greatest book ever written. I was so enthralled i did many happy dances whilst reading. Yay!” So, yeah, there’s that!

Reason #4: Because it’s a dark story about two teenagers running away from home. It’s about love, fighting for what you want, friendship, music, and loss. It’s a story that’s been done before, but not like this. This is done my way.

This is Stu. He may look cute, but don’t be deceived.

And, finally: Reason #5: I have a cat to feed. He may look nice in this picture, but I assure you, when I don’t give him what he wants… he gets violent.

So, check out HIS ONLY STAR. Pick up a copy. Add it on Goodreads. Leave a review. Tell your friends.

Thank you for your time.


6 thoughts on “5 Reasons you should Buy His Only Star

  1. I would like to say that I have already purchased “His Only Star” and find it brings me back to YA novels like “The Outsiders”, a tight, moving treatment of characters. I also like Stu’s scarf, it adds an air of Dickens to him, the poor starving waif motif of you will.

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