Todoist — Let there be Organization!

I came across this cool organizational tool from Kait Nolan’s blog, and it’s pretty nifty. It’s called todoist, and it’s a really handy tool for anyone looking to become more organized. Namely, me. I don’t view myself as unorganized, but a little organization never hurt. Todoist is really cool in that you can schedule things daily, weekly, for a specific date, once a week, the last friday of every month, or whatever you need. You can create multiple categories, and you can use it from your computer, Firefox or Chrome plugin, or device, so you’ll always have your schedule at hand. Also, it sends you a daily agenda of all the things you have scheduled. I already have a few things set:


Notice the “1” in the Todoist plugin, indicating I have one task due today. (Click for a better view)

So, as you can see, I have scheduled to write at least 500 words every day, to blog at least once a week, and to have my column for Eat Your Serial ready for the last Friday of every month. And, it’s really easy to do. You just type in the task, and then to schedule it you just select the date, type in “every day,” “every Sunday,” “Every last Friday,” or whatever you need. You don’t even need to have a due date if you don’t want to. Some things aren’t available unless you buy the premium version, but that’s only $30 a year, and I’m considering purchasing it. I’m going to try it out for a bit first, though. But I’m really looking forward to seeing what type of potential increase in productivity I may see with this. I think it will be especially useful for when college starts back up again and I have to start keeping track of assignments and projects. I’d like to get the premium version especially because you can set up reminders, which are useful for forgetful people like me, and you can sync it up to your Google calendar.

I definitely recommend this, and I’ve only been using it for less than an hour.


3 thoughts on “Todoist — Let there be Organization!

  1. Sweet tool. I enjoy checking out new tools to help with writing. I am a current fan of Evernote. It has reminders, web interface, mobile apps etc.. It is like a digital notebook. They even have a special Moleskine notebook that works with smartphone camera and Evernote. I am going to check out Todoist though.

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