Author Interview: Ron Schrader — Tri System’s Edge: Humble Beginnings

RonToday I’m excited to have an interview with Ron Schrader, author of the upcoming science-fiction novel Tri System’s Edge: Humble Beginnings.

1. in 25 words or less, tell us the basic idea of Tri System’s Edge: Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings is my unique twist on the vampire / reluctant hero genre where interplanetary travel is commonplace and monsters are real.

2. What inspired this work? 

It’s hard to pinpoint what really inspired me. I just had a random thought several years ago and started to write. Next thing I knew, the first draft of chapter one was finished. It wasn’t until the end of 2012 that I started working on it again, and the book was only recently finished in April 2013 and as of this interview is currently undergoing editing.

3. What have you learned about the craft of writing, or about yourself as a writer since writing this?

Well, I’ve definitely learned that it’s a great feeling to complete a book, regardless of what comes after the fact! And having a professional editor to assist in the clean up phase, I’ve learned that I still have plenty to learn about how to write! It’s one thing to have a mind that can create, but learning how to tell the story in the best possible way does take time to master. But it’s an exciting process and I look forward to improving my craft in the years to come!

4. Are you a plotter, panster, or a combination of both? How to you prepare a story before starting the first draft?

I’m actually neither. I’ve always been able to sit down, think of a good opening line and start to write. What comes after the first line is really more of the story speaking as I write out the details. I’ve talked with other writers who, especially for a novel, need their outline. But that doesn’t work for me. My best writing seems to come when I just let the story live out its life while I write. And as a side note, this gives me the added benefit of seeing events unfold much like reading a book or watching a movie for the first time. I even recall one night of writing where I had to get up and yell at my computer for allowing a favorite character to be put in a life or death situation. I didn’t want the character to die and was nervous to continue writing that night, afraid the character wouldn’t make it! This doesn’t mean I won’t make necessary changes, but for the overall storyline, I work best when I let the story guide me.

5. Describe an average day of writing for you.

I sit at my computer, turn off all distractions, open up my story and just start typing until my fingers stop finding the words! Some days it’s 20 minutes or less, others, like one particular day that comes to mind, it’s 8-9 hours straight of typing away!
I’ve put writing off for a very long time, but since writing this book, I’ve found that writing is a wonderful release for my mind, allowing me to take a break from the day to day routine that our lives often become. It was an incredible experience to be able to lose myself in a world that I’m the author of! I highly recommend it for anyone in need of a break from life!

TriSystemsEdge_HumbleBeginningsThanks a lot, Ron! Best of luck with Humble Beginnings!

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