I’ve Declared my Love of Writing… With Another Tattoo!

I’m what you might call a tattoo enthusiast, not an addict (there’s a difference). I don’t crave ink. I don’t get off on the feeling of being tattooed. Honestly, it sucks. It really, really sucks. I don’t enjoy it, but I love the result, especially when you have an artist as awesome as mine (who also happens to be the drummer of my band, and was a groomsmen in my wedding). He never fails to create awesome artwork, and I can always give him a vague idea of what I want and trust him to draw up something great.

So, after some deliberation of what tattoo I wanted next–even though I really should get my half-sleeve finished–I thought of something that would be fantastic, and really profess my love for the craft of writing.


“I write to give myself strength.”

(Just a little side note: This is not a quote from Opeth, this is the ย first line of my favorite quote by Joss Whedon. I plan to get the Opeth tattoo covered up with a steampunk heart. Also, yes, it hurt. A lot).

What do you think??


9 thoughts on “I’ve Declared my Love of Writing… With Another Tattoo!

  1. It’s brilliant. I have a few myself and I can testify that the process does indeed suck, lol. All blood and tears with me. But like you love the result. I admire the statement here. I think of my tattoos (even though i only have 3) as an expression of my creativity, it’s true, but I tend to shy away from anything too statement-like. I think I’m just a bit tame by nature. When it comes to tattoos, anyway! I also approve of the Opeth links. Why are you getting the band name covered, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • I tent to bleed A LOT when I get tattoos as well, haha, so I hear you there.

      I’m getting it covered up mainly to avoid any attribution confusion that may result. However, I still do love Opeth and I will be getting the Opeth “O” tattooed somewhere else. Plus, it would make sense to get a steampunk heart over my heart to show my love for steampunk.

      • It certainly would ๐Ÿ™‚ the Opeth O is a very lovely design that works on all levels. I’ve just designed my latest one actually. Now I’ve got to save up the money and the nerve to go back to the torture chamber. This is excellent and it suits you from what I’ve learned through your blog. And well done on getting through it, I hear the clavicle is a bitch.

      • It is an excellent O, haha.

        And great! Money is the hardest part for me. Hopefully once this college thing is done I can get a decent job! Also, hopefully this writer thing takes off a bit more, haha.

        And thank you! And (So many ANDS!) yes. The entire center of my chest was AWFUL.

  2. It’s a fantastic tattoo! I love ink myself, but like you I don’t crave it. I get tattoos when something meaningful happens to be and I commemorate it with a symbol. I was going to get my favourite line from one of my favourite books tattooed on my lower leg, but the phrase is too long and would have looked wonky there. So, my text tattoo is going to be the same imprint they used to stamp coins dedicated to Athena with. I love yours though, also the fact that it’s from Joss Whedon makes it super cool. I love his stuff.

  3. Oh my goodness, as a woman I’m just cringing at the thought of that tattooed on my chest! LOL, haha. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s a great quote nevertheless.

    I so wish I could get a tattoo but alas my pain threshold is far too low… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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