Black Powder Brigade: Excerpt #4

Here’s a short excerpt from my WIP, Black Powder Brigade. Victoria is experiencing a sea battle against pirates, and it appears things are not going well.

A barrage of cannonballs suddenly ripped through the hull, spraying splinters of wood through the gunnery. Victoria stumbled backward and fell, smashing her head on the floor. The ceiling spun and another barrage of cannonballs sank into the ship. The shouts and cries of the crew scrambling to get what cannons remained loaded and firing again pounded in Victoria’s head. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. As her vision cleared, she stared as blood stained the floors and wall of the gunnery. Two more cannons were destroyed, blasted to pieces by the pirate cannons. A sailor leaned against the wall, reaching a bloody arm out to her, his legs and half of his left arm missing. He took a sharp gasp, and then went limp.

Tears ran down Victoria’s cheeks as she put her hands on her head and leaned her crouched body against the wall. The ship’s cannons thundered and Victoria scrambled backward, desperate to get away from everything. “John!” she screamed, her voice barely cutting through chaos of battle. “John!” she screamed again.

Another barrage of cannonballs cut into the gunnery, and everything went black.


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