KDP Gets a Best sellers List

AmazonbestsellersWe all know that both self-publishing and the Kindle revolution are in full swing. And, if they aren’t, they’re damn near close.

As an indie author, I’m always glad to see when self-publishers get a check in the win column. Especially when people have so many bad things to say about it. And they’re not entirely wrong, of course, as I’ve discussed several times. But I found an article this morning that I thought was really cool and exciting. It would appear that Amazon has added a best sellers list for indie authors. It looks like it’s only be available for books on the Kindle, which doesn’t seem to help print books any, but at least there’s something out there recognizing that there is such a thing as a quality self-published book. Something to fight that stigma.

This can also work as a research tool for other indie authors. Now we can see what is selling well in the indie market. We can check out the genres and authors to see what people are interested in when it comes to indie books, and to see what’s working. I think this is definitely a positive thing for self-publishing and will really help to combat some of the negativity.


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