The Creative Cesspool

The writing community is one of the best out there, really. It’s amazing how–even though we’re all each other’s competition–we’re still willing to help each other out. We’re willing to share links and give feedback to make other writers better, even though we’re potentially helping them get sales that we could have been working toward. Now, I suppose that’s not the most positive outlook on it, and while it is the truth, I’m sure many of us don’t feel that way. We’re glad to help when we can, because we all know what it’s like to need feedback and beta readers. We know what it’s like to post an excerpt and sit on the edge of our chairs, staring at our screen and pressing the refresh button as quickly as we can, wondering how many people will love or hate our work. But, despite how much positive or negative feedback we receive, we’re all writers at the end of the day, and we’ve all been there. Even after the self-loathing and the red pen of death holding its scythe to our throats, we press on with the encouragement and feedback of others.

With that being said, a writer friend of mine has finally started up blogging after waiting way too long. Of course, I’m sure if you ask her “but why? Why in the 46 levels of hell in that fantasy world I created 17 years ago that never actually made it into a full manuscript because the plot bunnies kidnapped me and locked me in their rabbit hole of doom (<- that’s a lie!) did you wait so long?” She might reply with “I was way too busy!” And, well, I don’t buy it, lady!

Anyway! My friend Carly at The Creative Cesspool is an excellent, excellent writer. I met her on Twitter some months ago, and I then discovered that we were in the same Fiction Workshop class last semester. So, I got to see some of her work, and it is excellent. She’s a solid, descriptive writer, and (despite what she says) she writes well. So go on over and give her blog a read and a follow!


4 thoughts on “The Creative Cesspool

  1. I’ve never even considered any of my fellow writers as competition, LOL. But we actually are, aren’t we? Still, there’s no use in not helping someone out — despite the fact that it’s just a human thing to do, it also means you have an ally on your side when you’re the one that needs help.

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