Black Powder Brigade: 40,000 Word Update

Well, Black Powder Brigade has finally reached 40,000 words. Woo! The 20,000 word update was March 25th, and I hit 40,000 words yesterday. So it took me 19 days to write 20,000 words, which is about 1,052 words per day. Not too shabby! However, I’ll attribute part of that daily word count average to the fact that I wrote a little over 4,500 words Saturday; my second-largest daily word count ever. So, yeah, I’m pretty pumped about that! Now, onto the book:

Firstly, I’ve dropped the total word count from 120,000 words to 100,000 words. Then I dropped it down to 70,000 words. I know, I know, what a wuss, right? Well I’ve discovered that I’m not a “long-distance” writer.  I guess I just run out of steam after a while (usually I start to feel it around the mid 30,000 word point, but I press on). But, at the current point of Black Powder Brigade, I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to get it to 70,000. Plus, I’m almost positive the second draft will be longer. I’m still essentially telling myself the story (perhaps a topic for another blog post), so I’m sure I’m leaving out all kinds of extra details that really suck the reader into the world. I’m estimating the second draft to be closer to 80,000 words, maybe 85,000. But, we’ll see.

Secondly, the cover art for this book should be awesome. I found an artist who does darker comic-book/graphic novel art, and he said he can draw me something in black and white for $50. If what I have envisioned is anything close to what the cover actually ends up looking like, I’m sure you’ll all love it. He’s going to draw up some thumbnails for me to take a look at, which will help even more.

And, thirdly, I don’t have an excerpt for you this time. However, this book is coming along really well. I really can’t wait to get this draft finished and polished for the beta readers. I think it’ll be an enjoyable and thrilling read.

In other news: I was taken on by a website/magazine/publisher called Eat Your Serial! I’ll be a columnist and  contributing writer! I’ll have a monthly column in which I compare various aspects of writing to other parts of life/interests. For example, Self-Publishing: The Punk Rock of the Publishing Industry, and then I’ll contribute to some of the daily posts. So I can’t wait to get started.

My next Black Powder Brigade update will hopefully be either a character interview or another word update at my target, 70,000 words. So be ready for those!


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