Black Powder Brigade: Excerpt #2

Here’s another short excerpt from my WIP, Black Powder Brigade. Enjoy!

“What have you done?” one of the British soldiers asked. He shoved past Victoria and looked at the wreckage. “You’re all under arrest.”

“We didn’t do this,” John said, shoving away one of the guards.

“Really? You’re all standing around here and you say you didn’t do it?”

Victoria looked at John and Samuel, who were looking at her. She nodded and grabbed the closest guard. Victoria jammed her foot into the back of the guard’s knee and then shoved him down. She then drew her sword and knocked away a bayonet. John and Samuel shoved past two other guards and John punched one in the stomach, and then smashed his elbow onto the back of his head.

“Come on,” Victoria said. She slashed another guard across the chest and then kicked the front of his knee, radiating a sharp pop and snap as the soldier’s knee bent backward. The guard cried out and fell to the ground, his screams echoing as Victoria, John, and Samuel dashed down an alley.

“What about Katya,” Samuel said.

“She’s tough,” Victoria replied. She jumped over a large crate and dodged a drunken man leaning against the building. “I’m sure she’ll be all right.”

A small group of British Soldiers blocked the end of the alley, muskets pointed at Victoria and the others.

“But what about us?” Samuel asked. Victoria pulled John and Samuel behind a stack of crates just as the soldier’s fired. The musket balls whizzed by, and Victoria charged out toward them as they reloaded. She ducked and jabbed her sword into a soldier’s stomach. The soldier groaned and stepped back, causing the blade to slide out of his gut. Victoria pushed away a musket, but then one of the soldier jammed the butt of his rifle into her side. Victoria stumbled but planted a hand on the side of a building. She grabbed onto the barrel of a Redcoat’s rifle and shoved him backward, the length of the gun giving her enough leverage to swing him around into the building.

“Let’s go,” John shouted. He shoved another soldier to the ground, and Victoria and Samuel followed him down the street. They took a sharp right turn, and then another left down a side street. Victoria pushed past a small group of colonists, knocking one to the ground, and took another right turn into an alley, but came to a sudden halt.

Another group of Redcoats stood in front of them, muskets ready.

“Hello, Vic,” the young man at the front of the group said.

Victoria grit her teeth. “Let us pass, Joshua. We’ve done nothing wrong.”

Joshua smiled and leaned his musket against the side of a building. “I’ve learned a lot since I joined the British,” he said. He took off his crimson jacket and handed it to the soldier to his left. Joshua raised his fists in front of his face. “You want to get by, then we fight man to man. That is… assuming you’re actually man enough for it.”

Victoria thought back to what little Katya had taught her about boxing. “Very well,” she said, raising her hands. “Let’s just hope I don’t surprise you… little brother.”


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