Sunday Sum Up

Today seems like a good day for a summary blog post, mostly because things have been going quite well on the writing front.

Things accomplished in fiction:

  • The writing has been going amazing. I’ve been averaging over 1,000 words a day for the week, and Black Powder Brigade is developing nicely. I’m worried about running out of plot, especially being that I’m still 93,000 words from my goal. But I may do some poking around Pinterest and some other various websites to spark a little inspiration. I’m also feeling out some people for a cover design. If you have any suggestions throw them in the comments below!
  • I wrote a short story last night that, despite the lack of knowing who the characters really are, turned out to be a really good start. I got some feedback on it from a writer friend of mine and she said it has potential, so that’s good. I think when it’s finished it’ll be pretty great, and will probably be the opening piece in my second volume of short stories. (Check out volume #1 here!)

Things accomplished in real life:

  • School is winding down for the semester with only four class days left (2 weeks to go!), and then I only have one more year and I’ll graduate with my bachelor’s degree. After that the wife and I are packing up and moving to Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Most likely near the boarder so we have the option to potentially work in Providence or Boston. 
  • The day job sucks, nothing new there.
  • Next semester I’ll be a teacher’s assistant (TA) for a news writing class, which is really exciting because not only is it an easy 3 credits, but it looks amazing on a resume, and it’ll help me out for when I want to teach fiction at the college level someday. Essentially I’ll just be helping the professor with grading and helping the students during class time. It’s sort of like going to class but without all the assignments. So I have that to look forward to.

So that’s where I’m at right now. Hopefully I can continue to keep up this writing pace as I have a very rough publication date of Black Powder Brigade set for September 30. I should be able to get more writing done once school is done for the semester.

What accomplishments (either in fiction or real life) do you have?


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sum Up

  1. Whoo! Looks like things are going full tilt for you. Excellent. I started a short story that follows after ‘Upon the Mountain’ and is set in Marrakech. Was in RI for the first time last fall and really liked it (Newport). Haven’t made it to Bostom yet, thogh other parts of the state are quite lovely.

  2. It’s very impressive how you manage to keep up your level achievement in everything you’re intersted in and still fit in a day job. I manage to write around my day job and am making progress, but I couldn’t teach as well. Just goes to show passion will make time for itself 🙂

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