Google Poems

google.My wife found out this funny thing you can do with Google called Google poems. It’s pretty fun, especially knowing the hard word it takes to write a decent poem. This, in some cases, makes it look easy. All you do is type in the beginning of a sentence, then you read the search as the title, and the suggested searches like the lines of a poem. A lot of the results aren’t that excited, but sometimes you can find some good ones. My wife and I spent the better part of an hour coming up with the beginnings of phrases and sentences to see what the results are. My favorite one is:


I like the fact that it rhymes, mostly. And, I wonder whose cat said “fiddle i fee.”

Go see what you can come up with!


4 thoughts on “Google Poems

  1. Hillbilly bone
    Hillbilly stills
    Hillbilly herald
    Hillbilly jim.

    (I like this one a little better):

    Carry on lyrics
    Carry on luggage
    Carry on fun
    Carry on my wayward son

    That’s hilarious! Now I’m going to be doing this all the time…

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