Captive (A Map)


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I’m working on this NA (new adult) novella, which very well could turn into a full-length novel if things keep going the way they are, Captive (which is a temporary title). I thought it might make things a bit easier if I drew a map. So, as you can see, I did. Remember, I’m no artist. Drawing is just not something at which I’m proficient, but I still find it helpful. I may still add a few other things to the map. And, if it turns out good enough, it may even make its way into the book.

The idea behind the story is this:

After a nuclear fallout, the world has turned into a wasteland, except for the three cities that had the strongest militia during the previous war. (I’m still working out some of the names and fine details). Everything outside these city walls is inhabited by primitive nomadic tribes, slavers, and those unfortunate enough to not be in one of the main cities after the fallout, but still survived.

To gain citizenship into one of these cities, one must bring the heads of 15 nomads, or one nomadic chief. This is to help combat the nomad problem in an effort to restore the world to what it once was.

Ethan Matetka (whose first name will probably change at least three more times before I find one I really like), is stranded in the wasteland. He’s lived in his own for six years, and has become quite adept at living in this harsh wilderness. However, he is captured by Bloodtooth slavers, and meets Malick, and his sister Mora (who is mute), who are other captives. Ethan learns that there is something on the other side of the Kashaiak Mountains. Peace. However, the mountains are filled with horrid creatures, mutated by nuclear radiation.

Ethan decides he will traverse the dangerous, and unknown terrain that is the Kashaiak Mountains in search of peace, and to find out how this mysterious land flourished, while everywhere else descended into death and decay.

However, Ethan must decide if there really is peace on the other side of the mountains. If he can trust the word of these strangers, or if they’re leading him to his demise.


What do you think? It’s coming along pretty well so far, but I only have 7,000 words of it written. There’s some other back story as well, such as Ethan’s parents, where Malick and Mora came from, and a lot of details about characters who haven’t been introduced yet. But I think it will turn out to be an exciting, and dark adventure novel(la).


10 thoughts on “Captive (A Map)

    • They would need to bring all fifteen at once, which is incredibly difficult in such a deadly terrain. Essentially, the only ones who can become citizens are those who survivors who can get into large groups and go on killing sprees. It’s somewhat of a broken system.

  1. Sounds brilliant 😀 I’m pcituring it as an awesome film also! I like the idea of drawing a map too, that’s great for clairfying the environment in your head, I imagine! I should probably do the same

    • Thank you! It’s a lot of fun to write! And the map really helped me get some perspective on the landscape, and it helped to give me some plot ideas.

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