It’s Alive! *Insert Maniacal Laughter* It’s Alive!

I’m so very excited to announce that “His Only Star” is available! As with many books, it’s been a long experience, but always worth it.

However, there’s been a set back with the print edition. There was an issue with the cover, and Createspace demands a wait of up to 24 hours so they can check it out to make sure it meets their standards. Blah. But the Kindle version is available for $1.99, and, let’s face it, if I’ve learned anything from “London Darkness” sales, it’s that the Kindle version is much more popular than the print version. Of course, I will update everyone when the print version is available, which should be sometime later today, or tomorrow morning at the latest.

So, go out and pick up an electronic copy of “His Only Star,” and I hope you love reading as much as I love writing! Remember:

“I really, really, really, really, (can I add a few more?), really, really enjoyed it. Like, a lot. …I read this all in one go. I couldn’t walk away from it. It was so, so excellent.”

So don’t be shy! Get your copy of “His Only Star” here!


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