A Place To Think

Working my job gives me a tremendous amount of time to think. I spend hours at my job not needing to interact with other people. Or, if I do need to, it’s on a minimal basis where I can still keep most of my creative ideas at the forefront of my thoughts. The tasks are menial enough to where my thoughts can be elsewhere while I perform them. This is quite handy. I’ve actually had a number of revelations about some of my stories while at this job. I’ve discovered character motives and intentions. I’ve also thought up new stories and plot point. My day job has proved to be a creative gold mine, if I allow it.

Some days at work, this is what my brain feels like. (Photo Credit Lynn Kelley, WANA Commons)

However, there are days where creative thoughts are gummed up due to the ridiculous scenarios that occur. Some days, work is just too terrible for creative thoughts to flow.  It’s days like those where all I can think is “I could be home writing.” I have a feeling that today is going to be one of those days. One of the days where I dread going to work more than usual. But I’m going to do my best to get some creative thinking done today. If anything, it should help the day seem to go by faster. I hope.

Do you have a place where you seem to get more creative thinking done? Do you remember a particularly brilliant idea you thought up in an unusual place?


6 thoughts on “A Place To Think

  1. I just had the thought last night, I seem to have a lot of creative ideas in the shower. Dialog seems to pop in there. Of course by the time all’s said and done and I can actually get somewhere to write it down, its gone. I have considered more than once putting a grease pencil in there, however I don’t know if others would appreciate the walls being covered with random bits of dialogue.

  2. Sometimes I go out to eat with my boyfriend and just bounce plot ideas off of him. Otherwise, I do pretty well in coffee shops. My small, one-bedroom apartment is actually kind of creatively stifling, so I like to go out to write.

  3. I think I’m in a similier posistion to yourself Chris. My day job allows my mind to wander and quite often great ideas pop into miy mind. More then once I have had to stop working and make a note on my phone or a notepad, or a scrap of paper 🙂

  4. Once again, Chris, you’re thinking what I’m thinking the same time that I’m thinking it. I definitely use my day job as a place to think about my stories and organize them in my mind. I always keep my phone close too, just in case something truly spectacular hits me.

    And lately I’ve been feeling much like you. I just don’t want to be at work when I know I could be writing instead. It’s actually gotten to the point that I’m seriously considering taking an entire week off from work simply to write. That might have to wait until the tax returns come in though. 😉

  5. I can relate a lot to this, at this point in time. I’ve recently taken on a grave-yard shift job that consists mainly of down-time, where I can not only brainstorm but actually get a lot of writing itself done as well. At first I looked forward to it simply because it would be a nice, quiet, brooding atmosphere where no one else would be alive in the world to bother me, and that really helps my focus – but I’m enjoying it a lot because of the unexpected, wacky, and sometimes completely ridiculous ideas that come from staying up until the loopy hour of 5am every night. It’s really put a new twist on some of my projects, and that’s been totally fun (and often hilarious) to cultivate 🙂

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