That’s A Poor Excuse

Note: This post may get a little Chuck Wendigy, if you know what I mean. If you don’t, it means watch out for foul language!

Every so often, when I don’t see a friend or family member for a long time, they’ll ask me “how are the book sales going?” which is a question I don’t really like hearing. Most of these people don’t understand that I don’t write for the money. (Because, let’s face it, what money?) I write because I love it. I write because there is a physical need for me to do it. But, all anyone who isn’t a writer sees is “Why is he wasting his time writing? He’s not even making any money.” Or, “You wrote a book? Shouldn’t you be famous? Why do you still work here?” And every time I give them the same answer.

*shrug* “Sales are slow. No one really knows who I am.”

Wait. Hold on. What kind of bullshit excuse is that? (This is the Chuck Wendig part). No one knows who I am? That’s the saddest excuse I’ve heard in a while, and it’s my fault. Sure, some people know who I am. My blogging friends and the hundred or so people who have bought one of my books. But do you know why no one else knows who I am? Because of me. Because I’m not out there pushing myself and my brand. I’m not out there every day showing the world who I am, and what I can do. Sure, I follow some blogs, I post some links to Google +, Twitter, my fan page, and a few other places. But I’m no proactively seeking to make myself better known in the world. How the fuck are people supposed to know who I am when I stayed shelled up in my little writing hole?

Now, of course I need to get writing done. Absolutely. I need to write the books for people to buy. But, how the fuck are people supposed to know I’ve written these books if I don’t get out there?

Perfect example of someone who has branded himself well. Chuck Wendig. I mean, I mentioned right at the start of this post that it may get a bit “Chuck Wendigy” in here. A lot of people know that means there will be some vulgarities, because Chuck Wendig has branded himself as a writer who doesn’t hold back, and who isn’t afraid to spew forth a fuck every now and again. Chuck put himself out there, and it has paid off well for him.

I need to do just that. I need to make my mark in the world. I need to do something so that people will think “This is obviously
the work of Chris Stocking.” Or, “Chris Stocking? He’s the writer who *insert branding thing here*, right?”

So, there it is. It’s time for me to make myself known. To put everything I have on the line, and to make myself a contender in the world. I refuse to sit back and watch as everyone else surges ahead, leaving me in their dust. I refuse to let that happen.

And that is the truth. And that is the end.


8 thoughts on “That’s A Poor Excuse

  1. I understand your frustration. People ask me constantly how many books I’ve sold or how much I’ve made. It makes me want to ask them for their bank balance or how often they have sex. You know….because we disclose all that stuff, right?

    • Haha right! One of my family members ALWAYS tells me “if you write the right story, you can make a lot of money.” And I just want to ask her “Really? Well what is the right story?”

  2. You’re absolutely right! And we’re lucky to be in the Internet age in many ways as we can do this all ourselves. With a good brand and tenacity, there’s not much you can’t achieve!

  3. It is always slow to start, every ‘overnight success’ I hear about turns out to have taken years and years. My opinion is the best form of marketing for a book is fifteen more books. It’ll happen, keep working.

  4. I could not have said it better! There is no question I fear more than the dreaded sales question from well-meaning friends and family…mostly because it invokes a sense of shame in myself that I can write a book but I can’t spend the time to get it more known.

    Good luck to you…may we both meet success on this writing voyage 🙂

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