In reference to my last post about my wife’s blog: it appears we’ve run into a little glitch. I think some sort of misunderstanding has occurred causing her blog to be deactivated. We’re not sure why it happened, but we’re waiting to hear back from them. So hold on just a second while we work this out!


15 thoughts on “Glitch!

  1. Not sure if this helps Chris but when I initially clicked on the link in your post my Anti-Virus program kicked in, so I’m not sure if other people experienced that. I took a chance and clicked it anyway. It looked a good blog which I was, and still am looking forward to reading. Once it’s sorted or if she needs to start again let me know and ill subscribe again happily 🙂

  2. I sent them another message to reiterate your guys’ issues with the anti-virus software, and I am still waiting on a response. It’s funny that I could go from such a happy place because my blog got 78 views on its first day to such a low spot because it got deactivated for no apparent reason! I just hope we get this sorted out soon!

      • Especially since you tried to export it and it deactivated the test site. There is nothing wrong with the content and that questionably image never even got posted.

      • I’m sure something will get figured out. They’ll know it’s not your fault, seeing as how you barely even had the blog! The only thing I can think of is that there was some kind of virus or corrupt file in the WordPress data that set off an alarm. It may have read it in the file I imported on the test blog. It’s just weird that it wouldn’t catch it right away when we first made the blog.

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