I May Be Turning Into My Characters

An interesting, and probably one of the most fun, thing about being a writer is creating, and spending so much time with various characters. We birth them, give them names and personalities. We picture what they look like, but we don’t always describe it. Sometimes we let the reader decide what the character looks like based on how they act and speak.

I’ve found that, in come cases, I spend so much time with some of these characters that I almost begin to act and speak like them. I don’t act like them so much, but more speak like them. I mean, it would be hard to act like a British airship crewman, or an inventor. However, I’ve found that sometimes I have to hold myself back from saying things that a character of mine might say.

For example, since I’ve jumped into the world of steampunk, a lot of my characters are from England, therefore they may say things that the English are known for saying. (Please understand I’m not trying to stereotype or offend anyone). Often times my character may exclaim “Bloody Hell!” or, when speaking to a friend, they may say “That’s alright, mate.” Because these characters are stuck in my head most of the time, I find myself sometimes almost saying “bloody hell” when perhaps something bothers me. Or I may come close to referring to a co-worker as “mate.” It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but many of these people don’t know I write, and don’t write themselves. So, if I go spouting British terminology I may end up getting some odd glances, or putting myself in an embarrassing situation. And I’m awkward enough without impersonating an English immigrant.

Do you ever find yourself in these situations? Do you find your characters sometimes take over who you are, or a part of you?


9 thoughts on “I May Be Turning Into My Characters

  1. This actually happens to me most often when I’m reading or watching TV with strong characters. I notice it most after I’ve watched an episode of Sherlock. I get particularly snarky and sharp-witted. So I definitely know what you’re talking about!!

  2. I find that I think of them (my characters) quite a bit. But you’re right, now I think about it, I do it to. Just little things…or maybe they’re just turning into me. Fun post – you got me thinking.

  3. I do it all the time, but my friends and coworkers are also used to me speaking to them in simple, broken German because I took a few classes, so I’m sure even strange slang or structures coming out of my mouth are nothing compared to that :P.

  4. I know exactly what you mean and I try to avoid doing that at all cost. So called normal people think some writers should be in the loony bin already. No need to give them any more ammunition. I’d hate to be locked up without a computer. 🙂

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