Dirigible Air Corps: Dreadnought

An exciting steampunk idea has jumped into my head, and I have to say I’m having a lot of fun with it. The basic premise of it is the life of Crewman Ezra Wilde on board the Dreadnought, a massive military dirigible. Now, the idea of this post isn’t to tell you about the story. It’s actually about how a simple sketch helped me.

This sketch, to be exact:


You’ll have to forgive me, drawing is not something I’m proficient at. AT ALL. However, this sketch really helped me to visualize what the Dreadnought is, and how the crewmen get around the ship. Aside from having various bridges inside the envelope of the ship, there are Lines, which are essentially heavy ropes that connect to the Nose bridge, and three exit hatches (Although it appears I forgot to label the one by the rear gondola). The crew members can then use these lines to climb around the dirigible to handle repairs, or to climb around on top of the dirigible during attacks to perhaps engage with any assailants from a different angle.

I’ve heard from a few others that making sketches can help a writer to visualize a character or, in this case, an airship, and I have to say I absolutely agree.

Have you ever sketched anything to get a visualization, or to gain perspective on a character, setting, or object?


6 thoughts on “Dirigible Air Corps: Dreadnought

    • That makes sense. I wish I was better at drawing so I might be able to capture the character a little better. However, I guess as long as I can decipher the image that’s all that really matters.

  1. I have in fact sketched several different stories, and a couple of coming soon type projects. I have even drawn a roughed version of the machines in Desert Automaton. The images do help a great deal. My gravatar icon here is an automata, LMk-01. As seen in An Automaton Anarchy.

    • I just wish I wasn’t so terrible at sketching actual people, haha. However, I fully plan on sketching out other machines for this story. If you haven’t yet, check out the “Leviathan” series. The books are filled with amazing sketches.

  2. Hey, that’s a much better drawing than I’d ever be able to do! I like to sketch out maps mostly, as that helps me place the characters and figure out where they can and can’t go in my stories. One (weird?) thing I usually do to help me visualize my story is actually act out some scenes. I find the dialogue comes more naturally, and I can figure out how the characters move and react in a scene. It helps me LOADS. Though I probably would look pretty strange if anyone ever saw me. Maybe that’s why I like to have an empty house when I write. 🙂

    • That’s not a bad idea, actually! I imagine it helps figure out what physical things a character might do while speaking.

      And, yes, I would absolutely need an empty house for that, haha.

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