It’s Voting Time: Round 2!

This time the post will be more fully constructed. I’ve come up with what is essentially the back cover description of Project Oliver. Or a rough draft anyway to help you decide. I’ve also taken the top two names from the last poll, and I’ve added two new ones for you to look at. Also, if you’d like to post any comments on the description, please feel free to do so.


“Do you ever look at the stars and wish you could snatch them out of the sky?” Oliver asked. “You know, to keep in a box all for yourself?”
“What would you do with a box of stars, Oli?” Trista asked.
Oliver shrugged. “I don’t know; change the world?”

*Book Name* is a book about drugs, sex, and suicide, and finding out who you really are.
When fifteen-year-old Oliver sneaks away on a train with his friend Trista, he discovers that life has more to it than the small world he was trapped in. It is full of sex, drugs, and danger. But, before Oliver can come to terms with these, he must first learn that everyone has their demons, and he must come to accept those demons before he can achieve his own happiness.




6 thoughts on “It’s Voting Time: Round 2!

  1. I’d go with the second blurb, because sex and drugs sells but watch out for repetitionion 😉
    As I was reading your post the title “Constellation Oliver” popped into my head. It’s yours now xx

    • There’s actually only one blurb there, ha. But perhaps I’ll get rid of the separation.

      And the repetition there was the main thing I was worried about. I’ll play around with it a bit more.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Finding Oliver sounds good still, given the context of the story. Constellation Oliver sounds good, too, though it brings more of a fantasy setting to mind (but that’s just me).

    • Yeah I’m really having a hell of a time coming up with this name. The good news is I’m pretty close to being done with the first draft, and I have a photographer and some models booked for a cover shoot. So that’s helpful. I’m sure the title will come to me in time. Thanks for your input, though! 🙂

  3. Finding Oliver and Saving Oliver have a sort of ‘been there’ feel to them. The excerpt is such a terrific start. I like the third and forth options, though they are less descriptive of the book as far as I can tell with the blurb and excerpt.

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