Steampunk Sunday: Steamphotos

I’ve been so scatterbrained lately I forgot yesterday was Steampunk Saturday! And I hate posting twice in one day, so here is Steampunk Sunday! Today I’d like to post some of my favorite steampunk photos. These all come from Pinterest, and I hope and pray that I’m not violating any legal rights by posting these.

For those of you on Pinterest, you can find me here!

Hopefully these photos inspire you to tinker with some steampunkery like they do for me!


Steampunk ladies




I would love to have this notebook for book and story ideas!

Source: via Chris on Pinterest



I would love to write a book taking place here




One more for you! My all time favorite steampunk photo:

Source: via Chris on Pinterest



2 thoughts on “Steampunk Sunday: Steamphotos

  1. Regarding picture three, mild spoiler, you are going to have to wait for a future Chronicle of Ignatius St. Elicits. Oh how I have plans! Plans that were made almost a year ago.

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