Writing: It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

My wife is a psychology minor at school, so she always tells me the most interesting things about how people act. One of the most interesting things (because it applies to me) she told me was that writers and artists are 18x more likely to commit suicide.

Whoa, right?

It’s interesting to think about all the great writers who have committed suicide. I think one of the more famous ones was Sylvia Plath. I’ve yet to read much of her work, but I hear it’s quite dark. I also found this list if 10 famous authors who committed suicide that I thought to be quite interesting.


So remember, dear writers, you have everything to live for! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Writing: It’s More Dangerous Than You Think

  1. I can beleive this, I write some quite dark stuff at times and suicide is something that often enters my mind. At the end of the day though I am as confident as I can be that I will never take that route, its just not me.

    This does remind me of a story I heard. I’m afraid that I dont remember who this was, but a man wrote a book and got so depressed by the constant rejections that he killed himself. His Mum later got the novel published.

  2. Yes, I have heard of this phenomenon, and I can totally get where it comes from. When you’re constantly looking for beauty in life, the let downs can hit really hard. And when you’re studying the darker side, it can be hard to see the brighter side of life. That being said, I, myself, am an optimist and generally pretty positive. I couldn’t bring myself to opt out. There is always hope.

  3. I’ve always heard that writers who are NOT writing are more likely to drink themselves to death or partake in other self-destructive behaviors. Not sure where I heard that, but I hope it’s true. Must keep writing….

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