Steampunk Monday

Sorry about not posting this Saturday! My internet has returned to its old habit of barely working. Anyway! Today’s steampunk-inspired post is pretty important to me, because it’s about what discovering steampunk has done for me.

I discovered steampunk back in February and immediately fell in love with it. The time period, the elegance, and the cluncky, steam-powered technology fascinated me in a way similar to fantasy when I discovered it many years ago. But, it made me want to explore this new world; and explore it I did.

I immediately took off on writing “London Darkness: Infernal Inventions” and I loved every part of it. I created some of my best characters, and created what I feel is my best piece of fiction so far. Ryker, Celia, Wendell, and all the other London Darkness characters have become a part of me. And, best of all, I get to write the rest of this steampunk series with them. And trust me, when that series ends I will miss all those character so very much.

Discovering steampunk gave me new inspiration to fuel my creativity and imagination in a way that allowed me to create my best piece of work (so far). It opened both my literal and creative eye to so much. It also has begun to brand me a bit. People send me steampunk stuff all the time, and I’ve been described as a steampunk writer for interviews, and I greatly enjoy it.

Discovering steampunk has also changed me outside of writing. I’m always looking for cool steampunk-esque tattoos and clothes. I look for steampunk books and other steampunk artists. It has been a huge part of my life that I plan to keep there.


7 thoughts on “Steampunk Monday

  1. I would (as always) urge you to check out Cherie Priest’s steampunk series: The Clockwork Century. Instead of doing actual writing, I spent the weekend reading her latest: “The Inexplicables.” I know I sound like a broken record on that, but there you go. George Mann and Mark Hodder of course đŸ™‚

    On a more relevant note, I have really enjoyed “Lodon Darkness: Infernal Inventions”. It was an excellent, fast-paced story that added it’s own mark to the Steampunk Genre. You seem well suited to the genre. I feel that It is always a great source of energy when you deeply enjoy the genre you are writing in, and it shows through in the work produced.

    • I’ve been meaning to check out her work for a while now. Hopefully I’ll get to it soon.

      And thank you! I think an author’s writing can largely reveal just how much they enjoy the genre.

  2. I’m just beginning to enter the steampunk world and am fascinated by it. I’ve got a story idea percolating and am wondering what books and resources you’d recommend for someone wanting to read up on it. Any suggestions?

    • The book Steven recommended is a good choice. To be honest, I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest. The pictures can help you see what the clothing style is like, and some of the technology in the steampunk setting. For example, Ryker, the main character in my London Darkness book, has a watch sewn into the palm of his hand. Plus, there are mechanical felines, and an inventor with a mechanical arm. The rules are pretty loose to a certain extent. I try to picture something, and then figure out how it could be steam powered.

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