A Street Team of Sorts

First of all, I’d like to welcome all my new followers. Welcome! It’s great to have you here!

Now, down to business. I had this idea that is still in its pre-production stage, and I’d love to hear some feedback. So, here goes:

You know how some bands have street teams? They get some people together to help spread the word about their music in exchange for merchandise. That got me thinking, why can’t authors do that? Fans can help an author market their book, and in exchange they can get first copies of books before they’re officially released, or author mugs, shirts, pens, whatever.

To apply this to a situation:

Suppose I wanted to create a London Darkness street team to help market my books. Instead of a street team they would be called “Inventors.” I could have cool shirts made with the League of Inventors logo for them, and then I could set a sales goal. Let’s say sell 200 Kindle copies by the end of the year. If that’s achieved, the “Inventors” would get something in exchange for their work, and I would then have increased sales.

The drawback to this is that the author would probably need a semi-decent fan base to start, and they would need some sort of startup capital to pay and ship the merchandise for the “Inventors.”

Again, this is in the planning stages, but I think if done properly it could be a pretty solid idea.

Thoughts? Comments?


4 thoughts on “A Street Team of Sorts

  1. It is an interesting notion. The only draw back might be how do you credit sales to a specific team member, or were you simply stating a general goal? It would help to have a grassroots movement spreading the word.

    • It would be a collective goal. If the goal was reached, each member of the team would receive compensation for helping to promote the work. However, then there is the problem of some people pulling less weight than others.

      • That sounds like a really good plan. Of course you do have the issue of people pulling more or less of the weight. I think though you will see that sort of work distrubition in just about any instance of a team attempting to perform the same task. To put a positive spin on it, any publicity/marketing effort is helpful.

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