Demise Unjust As This

I know I’ve been posting a lot of poems lately, but with how busy I’ve been it’s easier for me to work out a poem than anything much longer than that. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying them!

Until the breath is sucked from my lungs
I will continue to fight, never run
And as this rages, as the bodies burn
I storm the keep, a lesson you must learn
With a blade in my hand, stained with blood
The forces mass, an intimidating flood
As I cut them down, I hear their cries
And at once they realize their demise
But betrayal is bitter, biting, and cold
I was ashamed to watch it unfold
I cried to him with murderous, burning desire
As he tied me to the funeral pyre
And as my flesh peeled and melted away
I begged that the gods make him pay


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