Arachnid’s Kiss

What a twisted web you weave

When I became entangled
Such a thin snare
Deceptive. Illusory
I had hopes of escape
I wriggled, writhed, and thrashed
But to no avail

And then you approached
With each step, the web trembled
The quakes intensified
And I knew my life was gone

And you sank in your fangs
The venom mixed with my crimson elixir of life
As my eyes rolled back
I felt instant regret

Ashamed to be lured by a wicked creature such as you


2 thoughts on “Arachnid’s Kiss

    • Thank you, Karen! I’ve been trying to get better at poetry. Plus, I’ve been so busy lately it’s a little easier for me to write poems at the moment. So I figured I might as well get some practice!

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