The Joy of Starting Something New

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I’ve started writing a short story called “Captive” which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. Sixteen year old Aiden Mateka is out on his own, and is captured as part of a plot to take over a large city; jeopardizing what remains of civilized life. I’m still ironing out some of it and I’m only about 1,000 words in, but I really like where it’s going. I don’t know if I’d exactly call this a new project, but there’s a chance it could turn into something a litter bigger than a short story.

The last post-apocalyptic type story I wrote was ESTRA Corp., and I must say I’ve missed it. That was more of a war story, though. However, I like the idea of people having to survive in a barren, unforgiving wasteland full of nomadic, bloodthirsty tribes. I think it allows a lot of freedom. You get to recreate an entire world, in a similar was as with fantasy. However, I think this has a bit more potential to be darker than a medieval fantasy story. Surely that’s debatable.

I always enjoy writing something new. It’s nice to take a break from the other projects and dive into new characters with new personalities and possibilities. Plus, it can help to experiment with plot points, settings, and is great practice.

Some people have a long drawn out process before starting a new project. I think mine is fairly simple:

  • Come up with an idea
  • Decide the genre/setting/time period
  • Create the main character — name, characteristics, personality(ies), flaws
  • Create any sidekicks
  • Create a conflict

Of course sometimes this can take hours. I’ve been known to take an hour just to come up with a fitting name for a character!

Speaking of starting something new; last night I came across a video from Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder, book 1 in the Lunar Chronicles, about how she starts new projects.

(From her blog:

Do you enjoy starting new projects? What do you like most about it? What do you dislike most about it?


3 thoughts on “The Joy of Starting Something New

  1. I do enjoy starting new projects. I seem able to come up with ideas or inspired by something and there is this great urge to write. The down side is there is only some much time I can devote to writing. So I write things down in a notebook, and stew on them, even while working on the projects. I dislike not having enough time to work on everything. Case in point, Mark 4.0 is still only a prelude and a third of chapter 1. I like the flowing ideas, the creating something new, and the discovery of new characters along with their voices.

  2. I love starting new projects. Rather, I love coming up with vague ideas, then imagining how wonderful they could be … and then never actually writing them. Sigh. Although I’m pretty psyched about my current (as yet unwritten) project. It’s going to be set in feudal-ish Japan (not actually Japan, just Japan-inspired), and it’ll be a political intrigue/romance/angsty kind of book. I’m still working out the plot/conflict, but I’m really having fun with it so far, so I think it stands a good chance of actually making it into written form.

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