Lost In Translation

Now, I’m not a man of poetry by any means. I’ve never been good at it, but this came to me at work the other day. I’d appreciate a little feedback, but do be gentle. Thanks!

Words enveloped in silk
Laced with cyanide
Slipping off your tongue
Finished with a smile

Alone the words stand
Pure in meaning
Paired with the means
Brings forth decay

Black as coal
Your soul stands in waiting
With a blood-soaked blade
As sharp as your words

And now here I stand
A laceration in my heart
Bleeding forth the chemical
That lured me to you


8 thoughts on “Lost In Translation

  1. Ok, I like this. It is dark, Gothic with a little dark elfish feel. I have an image of a lean person with a silvery blade holding a freshly removed heart in their other hand. As though they whispered sweet words to lure their victim into a false sense of security before quickly and efficiently removing the heart. I know that’s a rather literal interpretation, but it’s late πŸ™‚

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