The Excitement Of An Author Event

I’m not counting my last post as today’s actual blog post. So, on to today’s topic! 

There are quite a few exciting things that can happen to a writer. #1 – You can be published! Whether you self-publish, publish through a small indie press, or go through a big publisher, it’s all still very exciting. Your work is out there for the masses, and there’s a chance that you hard work can–quite literally–pay off! Exciting, right?

Well, there’s another exciting thing, that I happen to enjoy a lot more than I thought I might:

Public author events.

I did an author talk at a local library a few months ago, and it was very exciting. People came (family, mostly), to hear about my newest book (ESTRA Corp. – retired now), and to ask me questions about the life of a writer. The talk lasted about an hour, and I had a ton of fun. The library provided free coffee and refreshments, and afterward I sold and signed a few books. The entire experience was really exciting and inspiring. Plus, it was a chance to show to my family that I do take my writing seriously, and this isn’t just some hobby.

I know I’ve already blogged once about this past event, but I bring it up again because tomorrow I’m hosting a book launch party at a local coffee shop for “London Darkness: Infernal Inventions” and I’m quite excited. Not only have sales for this book been significantly better than my other two books combined, but the turnout for this event should be much better than my last event.

My author talk had maybe 15 or 20 people. Certainly not bad for my first even as a author. However, there’s a chance that up to 30 or 40 people could come tomorrow, just to celebrate my new book! It’s all very exciting. I am a little distressed, though. Self-publishing means I have to buy all the print copies for me to sell. And, unfortunately, I’m not rolling in cash from my day job. So, I was only able to order 17 books. Gr. What if 30 people come and they all want a copy? The best thing I can do for them is bring my computer for anyone who doesn’t get a copy so they can order it online.

But, if I run out of books or not, I’m sure the event will still be a lot of fun. I have a lot more friends coming than at my author talk, and the coffee shop where it’s hosted even put an advertisement in the newspaper. So I have pretty high hopes for this.

Have you participated in an author event? Have you ever gone to see a famous author? What is your dream book launch party?


11 thoughts on “The Excitement Of An Author Event

  1. I hope you have an excellent turnout. As far as a book launch, I really wanted to host my first ‘official’ launch at a restaurant in the Shipoke district of Harrisburg (notice the subtle positioning…) It had an upstairs gallery of local artwork and terrific food. Unfortunately last year’s floods devastated Shipoke. The restaurant (Chars Bellamundo) did not recover. My alternate location is the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. (near Boas Street, again subtle location plotting…) Of course this all predicates on my publishing something first 🙂

    Oh, here’s an idea, if you sell out of copies could you possibly setup a discount coupon on something, or provide them with some other added bonus type thing. Just a couple of thoughts. Again, I hope you have a great time tomorrow, and I confess I’m a little bummed that I can’t make it. Still, stay excellent!

    • Thanks! Good luck with your future possible launch sites! And that is a good idea, about offering a coupon of some sort.

      It would certainly be wonderful if you could attend. I believe I read somewhere you live in Pennsylvania? Is that correct? If so, I’m only about 1.5 – 2 hours away from the PA border. Perhaps something can be arranged in the future.

      • Yes, the state line is a couple hours away, taking 15 north. That would be cool. Obviously, some time when you aren’t quite so busy! Good luck tomorrow.

    • Thanks! I’ll probably post about it tomorrow after the event.

      As for my approach, I send out an email to nearby libraries about me coming in a doing a talk. They’re usually pretty good about doing it because it brings people into the library. However, other business would surely do it as well because you’re bringing in customers for them.

  2. That sounds amazing!

    Hmm… what if you handed out business cards with a website where they can download/order the book? That way they’re walking away with a physical reminder, even if they don’t have the actual book.

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